Monday, April 28, 2014

Playing with Water Color Technic Fun!!!

Well my friends,  I don't know if you already know this but I like to play a lot with Stampin' Up! products, a lot, to tell you the true is because I'm not expert in techniques or layouts, making treats box, I'm not, I'm been learning at the same time with you, so playing around is been my best source of learning new things,  and sharing what you have learn with everyone, comes back to you with more, I don't know if makes any sense, but I enjoy learning and I love to share it, and so far, sharing what I know instead of keeping it to myself is bringing me many blessings, and joy in what I do.

And tonight I decide to learn a little bit more about watercolor techniques, so I search and play, and play, and this is the final results I hope you like this tutorial, don't forget to comment, and try it at home to see if you love it as much I do 

First, pick your colors, any combination you like, my winner were Wisteria Wonder, Calypso Coral, Blushing Bride and of course Strawberry Slush. What you are going to do know is open a little bit your pad and with your hands squish a little bit so the ink transfer to your lit, next you are going to need watercolor paper, spritzer and your aqua painter.

 Fill your Spritzer and aqua painter with clean water, and spray a lot of water with your spritzer on your watercolor paper. Tip your aqua painter on the color you want and start coloring, when you are done with your color just wipe your aqua painter  on another paper until comes clean,i s no way to be wrong with this technic, just work with all the colors you like until you are happy with the way it looks, I made small lines, like I said before I was playing and wasn't sure how was going to look, so little by little I start getting more confortable and start playing putting more color more water and more... Fun!!!

At the end you have a really cute strip with a totally different look of tones, and a very wet water color paper, you can wait until it dry or just cheat and used your heat tool, like me hehe. ;)
For the next step you are going to need a puncher, I used my bitty butterfly, and elegant butterfly punch, just punch as many you want.

You can used the left over paper, to make a border for a card, or decorated to make a book mark if you want, just keep playing a little bit more 

now is time to put my beautiful butterflies to work, I decide to make a little note card, for this I used my stamp magic that I just got a week ago and love it.

Stamp the sentimental on the clear sheet and use it to help you align your stamp on your paper, glue your butterflies the way you like.

for this card I was thinking on a family theme so got my 2 big butterflies, and 3 little ones, mom dad and kids, in my case I will need 5 little butterfly but didn't have enough space so I decide go with 3 ;)

stamp your sentimental and done! a cute little happy card.

I love the texture that the watercolor paper has, love it !

I hope you give it a try. 

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Happy Stampin' 


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