Tuesday, May 6, 2014

No Just a Card ;D

Hello my friends, I hope you are having fun crafting, I'm having fun creating and sharing with you whatever I learn in the process of building my business with Stampin' Up!
 My dream is one day be a Stampin' Up! trainer of course in spanish, you know my accent is no very pretty hehehe ;) but I will love to take Stampin' Up! to Peru, and share with friends and family the world of paper crafting, so far I been sharing with them what I been learning in spanish, and I hope one day Peru will be a good market place to take Stampin' Up! products. One Day! , dreaming doesn't cost anything hehehe

Oh Well, what I was going to do today, is to share with you a "No Just a Card" is a card with a surprise box inside to hide picture, letters, and why not yummy candy, for someone special, I don't know if a share this with you before, but the main reason why I love what I do, is because I love to see the smile in their faces when they receive the treat box, card, or whatever I make for the "someone special" here are some pictures

here is the video 

and for this cute card you will need:

2 pieces of card stock 

4 1/4 x 11
score 3, 3 3/4, 6 3/4, 7 1/2, 10 1/2"

4 7/16 x 5 11/16
score all the sides 3/4

2 pieces of whispery white card stock  4 x 2 3/4

I hope you like it 
with love 


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  1. Those turned out great! I think we will make them at my next class. Thanks for the great instructions! Great video. Thanks for sharing. :)