Monday, November 18, 2013

My first workshop!

My first workshop was exciting, everything turn pretty good, I had Two workshops one in the morning in Spanish and another one in the evening in English, both were fun, I few things that I will need to change for next time, but oh well, we can learn from our own mistakes, but overall everything was pretty good.
I'd welcome my guess with a special treat for coming to my party here is the pic.

And after catching up, I showed them the great big shot, and the awesome things they can do, ;) then we put together these cute card , very easy to make using the mosaic bundle from Stampin up here is the picture 

Was a fun night , after pudding the card together they start looking at the catalogs and filling up they're wish list, I have a few snacks for them, and after filling up forms we said good bye.

The end thanks for reading :) 

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