Monday, November 18, 2013

How to use the spritzer ?

I made so many mistakes when I use my spritzer for first time, I don't know why because it is pretty fun and very easy to use,  the only thing is a big No No  is : Do Not over spray, work in one area and move to the next and go back if you want a darker color but don't over spray and you will be ok playing with your spritzer and now I love it I made my Joy Christmas banner and a banner for my son's bday, he is turning 5 he is going to love to see his name in a banner I'm pretty sure he is going to treasure it forever he is that kind of kid ;)... and back to the tutorial,  things that you need to remember:

1) Don't over spray, work in one area and move to the next one and go back if you want to spray more, it will dry pretty fast if you use alcohol instead of water.
2) Protect your table.
3) Count how many drops you are pudding in your spritzer in case you need to refill you can get the same color if you use same amount of ink drops.
4) and one more thing shake your spritzer, to mix the alcohol with the ink.

I hope it helps here is a video for more details. thanks for watching :D

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